What Makes Us Special

We are proud of our work


We provide high quality, detail-oriented and fully tested solutions tailored to your business needs without any corner-cutting.


We are well experienced in what we do. We know what to use, when to use and can easily adapt to new technologies.


We are dedicated to you and your business needs. We always listen to you, respond quickly and be flexible when you need it.


We provide continuous support at every stage of the projects we build. We also have great post-project support packages.

How We Work


After our initial meeting, we arrange what we call a roadmapping session where we get to know your business and what you need in detail and provide an action plan afterwards. With this plan you may continue to work with one of our competitors but we know you will stay with us when you see how we work.


We work in weekly sprints tailored to your specific needs. As we have an action plan in the very beginning of the project, we can outline a roadmap and plan the sprints accordingly. You will get daily soft updates from us and a weekly brief online meeting about what has been done already and what's being planned next.


We will set milestones with clear deliverables according to our action plan. We will meet in person for every milestone delivered so that you stay informed and in control of the project throughout the development. We are able to create specific environments for you where each milestone can be deployed and viewed.

We can help you grow your business in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our Services

We are passionate about what we do

Cloud Services

We are well experienced in cloud services, including on-premise to cloud migrations (and vice versa) with clear rollback plans and from minimum to zero downtime.

Software Development

We do bespoke software development based on your business needs. Everything is fully tested and deployed to separate environments at various stages of the project.

System Design

We provide turnkey solutions for your business needs. We are confident at every stage from architecting the solution to implementing it, be it on cloud or on-premises.

Prototyping / PoC

We love rapid prototyping and can provide an MVP or a proof-of-concept work, should you need one, in a cost-effective way without spending too much time.


We have great experience in optimising existing systems for more efficient and cost-effective conditions. We guarantee that solutions we provide are fully optimised.


We can be very flexible for your support and maintenance needs. We provide continuous support at every stage of a project and have great post-project support packages.

Years in Business
Successful Projects
Happy Clients
% Diligence


We have great options for support and maintenance

  • Continuous support throughout the project
  • Limited essential support post-project
  • Retainer support packages for special needs

We are open-minded and flexible to meet your business needs effectively.

Technologies We Use

We always use the best technologies for your needs

Cloud Services

We are mainly specialised in Amazon Web Services; EC2, ELB, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, CloudFront, RDS, ElastiCache, VPC, Route 53 to name a few services...

Programming Languages

We have experience developing in Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript and Objective-C. We are also confident to touch Java, C, Go and Ruby code.


We have run and managed production instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis and memcached in highly-available, fault-tolerant environments.

Operating Systems

We love Linux and have experience managing Redhat/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu distros. We use Packer for custom OS images and Vagrant for local development needs.


We strongly believe using infrastructure as code principles and have experience using Terraform and Puppet. We build efficient, cost-effective and secure infrastructures.

Real-Time / Multimedia

We built production-grade, live/on-demand multimedia streaming services using Wowza (Media Server), as well as Apache and nginx for pseudo-streaming. We have experience in WebRTC and Websockets as well.

Past Projects

  • Data migration with zero downtime (on-premise to cloud)
  • Kiosk software w/ barcode scanning and custom receipt printing
  • Database automation (continuous integration, rollback, management)
  • System design and architecture with diagrams
  • Custom patches for open source projects based on specific needs
  • Batch image processing (uploaded via FTP, stored on AWS S3)
  • Centralised log collection & aggregation (ELK)
  • Live / on-demand multimedia recording and streaming service
  • Highly-available, self-healing, multi-threaded scripts (batch processing)
  • Custom reporting tools for analytics services

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